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"SORRY BUSINESS": Vigil for Mulrunji's Son, 2006

Photos of the memorial vigil for ERIC DOOMADGEE, the son of Mulrunjie Doomadgee in Brisbane on Fri 4 August 2006: 

Young (16yr old) Eric Doomadgee - Cameron's son tradgically committed suicide. Yet another memorial was organised on behalf of the Doomadgee family in Brisbane; this time to honour & mourn for Eric. Two weeks before Eric took his own life, he had been featured in a ABC media "Talking Sticks" documentary about life with his Dad on the Island & about the impact of his father's murder on the family and Island community.

The verdict was to be announced after numerous date changes (mainly as a result of “legal stalling tactics by the Attorneys for the Police) in early August 2006, but then sadly tragedy struck. The Palm Island Community & Doomadgee family requested the verdict to be delayed so the family could attend to Eric’s funeral & again carry out the traditional period of mourning know to the Aboriginal people as “Sorry Business”.

The family believe the lack of justice nearly two years after his fathers death & doing the documentary brought all the pain & trauma back to young Eric.  Since the inquests findings were handed down Mulrunji's cousin Alec Doomadgee, a radio broadcaster with Brisbane radio station 98.9 FM, said he wished the findings had been handed down earlier. "We lost his son earlier this year because of the pressure of waiting for justice for his dad," he said (National Indigenous Times, Issue 114 - 21 Sep 2006).

His Mum & family are totally devastated.  I never new Eric personally just his Mum – Tracy, Elizabeth (Tracy’s sister) who both stayed with me during the initial stages of the inquest in March 2005, & Eric’s Aunties (Mulrunji’s sisters). I spoke with Elizabeth via phone, upon hearing the sad news & was reduced to tears when hearing the depth of their grief.

Yet again a memorial service / vigil was held for the Doomadgee family here in Brisbane - refer: 

So within a 21 month period three generations of the Doomadgee family have died and still no justice in sight.  How much can a marginalized people take before the white community who dominate & govern them act? And how long in complacency will the white community tolerate its leader’s poor governance of the Indigenous peoples of Australia?

In honour of Eric,

Terry Coker,
4th September 2006.

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Vigil 2

Vigil for Eric


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